The Bunny Box
The Bunny Box
The Bunny Box
The Bunny Box
The Bunny Box

The Bunny Box

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The Bunny Box comes with everything you need to get ready for the Easter Bunny.  The Bunny Box includes;

  • Magic Bunny Key - A magic bunny key that only works for The Easter Bunny
  • Bunny Milk Bowl - A special little porcelain bowl just for the Easter Bunny’s milk 
  • Magic Beans - magical beans for the kids to plant before bed (please note if you don’t buy the parent pack you will need to buy some lollipops or eggs for the seeds to grow into) 
  • Bunny Bait - Some delicious bunny bait to lead the Easter Bunny right to your door (environmentally friendly, made purely from edible products) 
  • Carrot Lollies and Chocolate Eggs - Some treats for the kids the night before Easter 
  • Easter Game - A maze to the Easter Bunny's house

If you have more than one child there is no need to order one box each, instead order a box for 2 Children, 3 Children, 4 Children or 5 Children.  Each additional child is $10 and will receive their own;

  • Bunny Bait
  • Magic Beans 
  • Carrot Lollies
  • Chocolate Eggs

We also have limited numbers of allergy friendly boxes.  The chocolate eggs with be replaced with DAIRY FREE, GLUTEN FREE and NUT FREE chocolate rabbits and the bunny bait will be made with just marshmallows and sprinkles.