Clearance Reindeer Box

Clearance Reindeer Box

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This is one of the older style Reindeer Boxes that has the game on the inner lid.   

What can you expect in your Christmas eve box – the one present your kids can open the night before Christmas?

- Santa's Milk Bottle - Special glass milk bottle for Santa's Milk
- Santa's Cookie - Cookies for Santa to enjoy with his Milk
- Reindeer Food - Magical Reindeer Food to guide Santa and his Reindeers to your home (environmentally friendly, made purely from edible products)
- Santa's Magic Key - An extra-large Magical Key that only works for Santa. The perfect solution for houses with no chimneys. 
- Magic Seeds - Magical seeds for the kids to plant before going to bed (along with candycanes in the Parent Pack* for you to plant when the kids are fast asleep)   
- The Elf Box - The Elf Box has everything you need to treat the Elves. It comes with two hand-iced Elf donuts, and super cute miniature Elf milk jug and two cups.
- Journey to Santa's House Boardgame - A boardgame on the lid of the box 
- Game Pieces and Dice - Game pieces so you can all play. 
- Snowman Soup - A hot chocolate and marshmallow drink
- Rudolph's Nose - A giant red chocolate nose