Reindeer Box
Reindeer Box
Reindeer Box
Reindeer Box
Reindeer Box
Reindeer Box
Reindeer Box
Reindeer Box
Reindeer Box

Reindeer Box

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A little box of Christmas Magic....

The one present you can open the night before Christmas!  A box full of everything you need for Christmas Eve to prepare for Santas arrival and to treat his helpers.  You'll also receive a secret Parent Pack that includes everything you need to bring Santa and his helpers to life.

Help Santa re-fuel with milk and a cookie, light the way to your home with some food for the Reindeer and treat the Elves with their very own Snack Pack.  Once you are all set for Santa enjoy some family time with some Christmas puzzles then pop on a Christmas movie and settle in with a mug of Snowman Soup and some Christmas treats. 

Your children will light up with excitement in anticipation for Santa and his crew.

The Reindeer Box includes;

  • Santas Milk Bottle -  Special glass milk bottle just for Santas Milk
  • Santas Cookie - Cookies just for Santa to enjoy with his Milk
  • Reindeer Food - Magical Reindeer Food for the Reindeers to snack on while Santa delivers presents (environmentally friendly, made purely from edible products)
  • Elf Snack Pack - A box of treats just for the Elves that includes a teeny Elf Milk and miniature Elf Donuts
  • Santas Magic Key - A Magical Key that only works for Santa.  It also doubles as a bottle opener for all your adult beverages on Christmas Day or a nice cold bottle of beer for Santa to accompany his other treats
  • Magic Seeds - Magical seeds for the kids to plant before going to bed (along with candy canes in the Parent Pack for you to plant when the kids are fast asleep)
  • Snowman Soup Pack - A box full of everything you need to make  delicious Snowman Soup.  Hot chocolate, mini marshmallows and real chocolate drops.
  • Kids Puzzles - x2 Christmas Puzzles for some non screen time entertainment
  • Christmas Tree decoration - Colour it in, cut it out and hang it up!
  • Reindeer Noses -  A pack of delicious chocolate Reindeer Noses
  • Santa Coin and Candy Cane - some treats to enjoy with the Snowman Soup
  • Parent Pack - A top secret pack just for parents that include a Santas Foot Print Stencil, Reindeer Hoof Print Stencil, Elf Foot Print Stencil, Candy Canes for Magic seeds and a "How To" card explaining everything in the box.

If you have more than one child there is no need to order one box each, instead order a box for 2 Children, 3 Children or 4 Children.  Each additional child will receive their own;

  • Reindeer Food
  • Snowman Soup Pack
  • Magic Seeds
  • x2 Kids Puzzles
  • Christmas Tree Decoration
  • Reindeer Noses
  • Santa Coin
  • Candy Cane